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PROGRESS UPDATE: Hey everyone! I’ve gotten some questions lately about the current state of the second Triworlds Revolution book, so here’s the numbers for anyone who is interested!

Currently, TWR2 is being drafted under the name Moving Pieces, which is subject to change;

The current draft is about 32,000 words at the moment;

A week ago, I was at 28,000, so about 4,000 words a week is the current pace, but that is also liable to change on any given day;

TWR1: Homeworld Blues was roughly 120,000 words in total, which means that if the second book would be the same length, I would be at about 28%  done with TWR2 right now. However, seeing as this second book covers substantially more story than the first, we are closer to about 15% finished.

That means that book 2 will be approximately 200,000 words, but I expect to reel that in somewhat during edits. For reference, the first Harry Potter book was about 77,000 words long, and the first Game of Thrones book was nearly 300,000.

The prospective date for the release of TWR2: Moving Pieces will be late summer/early fall, so stay tuned for more updates leading up to the release! And in the mean time, if you haven’t already checked out the first book in the series, why not!!? It’s great!

Thanks again!
A. J. McMillan

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