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So tomorrow marks roughly three months since I’ve posted to this blog. On a related note, my book is going to be available for free again! I don’t want to use this blog as a platform to exclusively talk about my book, but I don’t know if I am the type of person to allow my unfiltered thoughts onto the pages of the impressionable internet. Not that my inner thoughts and opinions are all that shocking, because they’re not; they’re just negative. I can (and do) complain about anything. It is a skill I acquired over a life spent picking things apart and looking for holes and flaws, and while in many ways it makes for better writing, I also feel like it annoys and even alienates people when I voice a particularly unpopular opinion, or when I call someone in a public setting out for being especially rude. A large part of me wants to hide that stuff; to carefully curate and control my internet image for the purposes of my writing career. Then again, a very strong part of me wants to embrace the internet as a tool for expressing my opinion loudly and without merit, and to talk about myself unabashedly guilt-free.

So, I might do that from now on, simply for lack of better posts. Get ready.

I’ll also try and throw in reviews and pragmatic writing advice and insights and relevant quotes as often as possible. You know… content! Anyways…

Check out my book! Its available for free on Kindle from 8/31-9/4!

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  1. Got a copy of your book, looking forward to reading it!


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