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Just a quick update for anyone following this blog or who is interested in the Triworlds. I’ve been taking a break from writing, both because of some life stuff and also because my devices have been out of order for a while. Seriously windows 10… Most of the time its great, but sometimes, like when I want to transfer personal documents to Kindle or whatever… ugh…

Anyways. I’m not dead. Still here. I might make more blog posts soon, but I make no promises. Just wanted to pop my head up and let people know I haven’t quit writing for good or anything. Probably. But either way, next month I plan to make Triworlds Revolution: Homeworld Blues free for all kindle readers on the anniversary of its birthday in preparation for next year, which will be the year of TWR book 2. Probably. Wish me luck. This second book is a monster.

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