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Its about time I REALLY started using this blog. I know, I know, I’ve said that before (about every three months in fact) but this time, I mean it.

I think.

Moving forward, this blog will be the definitive place for all things Triworlds, and I will continue to put my personal opinions on pop culture phenomenon (blog posts about Stephen Universe and BloodBorne are both on the way, beleive me) but mainly, I want to focus on posting content as often as possible so that fans don’t just… kinda forget that I am doing my thing. I’ve got a lot to talk about in the coming months, from inaccurate reviews of books to the current state of comedy writing to even politics, in a way. So stay tuned; or don’t, because either way, there will be more posts here soon and they’ll be sure to annoy your feed as much as they annoy all of my friends and roommates. But hey, its the internet, the universal mascot for unsolicited opinions, and I have nothing but. So I’m back, hopefully for good, with my opinions and progress and all the rest.

See you tomorrow!

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