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Forever ago I came up with this sort of mission statement, and I feel like this blog is a good place to break it down. This isn’t about pragmatic goals, or even achievable ones. Its more of a list of why I write what I write.

Creating a mentality of equality: So this is pretty clear, but it goes a little deeper than you might think. Ideally, I would like to not only remove preconceived expectations of gender, race and species (regarding alien and synthetic life), but to remove emphasis on them entirely. Put simply, I want everyone, everywhere, to be people. Period. More on that specifically in a later post.

For excitement! A holdover from the inception of the Triworlds as a project some fifteen years ago, I vowed to make my series consistently active, engaging, and moving. Now, in many ways I’ve toned down from what my teenage self had envisioned (without slower moments, how do you know when to be excited? Also, readers CAN get motion sick) but feel that once the story gets going, there really is “never a dull moment.”

Humor: My origins lie much more in comedy writing than novels, and I tried to carry that over in my style. I’ll admit I am heavily influenced heavily by the works of Douglas Adams; growing up, I couldn’t understand why epic action novels and films didn’t incorporate more humorous elements. In recent years it seems that franchises have found their comedic voice. Films like Avengers, The Force Awakens, and the anticipated Deadpool film all seem to throw out jokes as fast as punches, which does a lot to keep your audience engaged and connected to what’s happening on the screen.

Creating a consistent universe of all possibilities: I hate it when things end. Books, films, games, I hate it when the last page turns, the final credits roll, when there is no more content to absorb. I know I am in the minority, but I also know I am not alone. But even the most loyal audience will eventually become fatigued, so instead of creating the longest story ever told, I decided to create the biggest world I could, with massive character arcs, foreshadowing upon foreshadowing, secrets nestled into innocuous scenes that have no relevance for six books yet to come, and revelatory “Aha!’ moments that continue to unfold and necessitate frequent rereads over the course of years to come. It took more than thirteen years to get to the point where I was ready to write the first Triworlds book. Time will tell how well I succeeded…

Creating a love song to my favorite things: Music, video games, action, sci-fi, fantasy, conspiracy, spirituality, justice, independence, equality, joy, love, freedom, humor… The Triworlds is a straight-up love note to my very favorite things in the world, and if my readers love the same things that I do, they will feel the same notes resonate inside themselves when they read it, if I did my job right. That’s the core of the experience to me, and where the inspiration came from to write the whole thing.

So, that’s why I write. Some of these goals come through heavily in the first book, some will become more clear as the books come out in the next several years. Either way, I hope you keep reading to find out!

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