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Started a new blog this week, its about cartoons! The world is a pretty discouraging place at the moment. With all the pollution, politics and pressure, its nice to just chill out and watch more cartoons.

You Should Watch More Cartoons


Tada! Welcome to the first post of my official cartoon blog. This will basically be a place for me to break down various episodes of my favorite cartoon shows with accompanying insights, commentaries, and jokes. I don’t have a specific order planned for any shows; expect analysis of any given episode of any given animated show at any time. Random Posts!


Get it?

Why? Because cartoons inspire me, they are one of my favorite art forms and can be utilized to tell a variety of stories that would be other wise too difficult to produce via other media, or would be somehow lessened by a media other than animation. What do I mean by that?

(Get ready for nerd talk.)

Well, in animated programs, every frame has been constructed specifically, nothing has been left to chance. Furthermore, the acting is exclusively limited to voice, allowing the director more control over…

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